Jim Rogalski Named Alpha Male of Lafayette's Leopard Prowl

Non-copyright infringing image of new Lafayette head coach, Jim Rogalski, holding a lacrosse stick (or a gigantic microphone).

If you ever wondered how to make your grandfather's head explode (not for any nefarious purpose like insurance fraud or something), tell him that his beloved alma mater -- Lafayette College -- announced its new lacrosse head coach via Twitter.

I am to imagine that the conversation would look something like this:

    YOU: Jim Rogalski is your new lacrosse coach.
    GRANDFATHER: Lies. I didn't see it in the afternoon paper.
    YOU: There's no such thing as afternoon papers anymore, Papi.
    GRANDFATHER: Oh. Then how did you hear about this. ARE YOU A WITCH?
    YOU: No, Papi. Twitter. On the Internet.
    GRANDFATHER: SORCERY! I'm getting a torch, some rope, and a pile of wood. You get a 10 minute head start, witch.

So, yeah. Welcome to the great new wonderful, you friggin' pagan.

Regardless, Lafayette College -- without a head coach since May 17th when Terry Mangan stepped down -- has a new head coach and it's Jim Rogalski:

Rogalski comes to Lafayette from the University of Scranton. The new Sherrif of Easton had been with the Royals since 2011. Under his guidance, Rogalski led Scranton to a league title and an appearance in the NCAA Division III Tournament. Prior to taking over the Scranton program, Rogalski spent six seasons as an assistant at Rutgers and also held positions at Drexel (for three years), Washington & Lee, Goucher, Western New England, and St. Mary's. He has extended experience on the defensive end of the field as well as running recruiting and administrative operations.

I'm not sure how much a splash this Rogalski hire is going to make, what with a fairly pedestrian 18-15 overall record as a head coach, but this is an uncontroverted fact: He just got the keys to a Patriot League institution and he's going to have to work like an animal on meth to get Lafayette into a position to crush skulls both in the league and otherwise. If, however, the guy continues his reputation of hammering the brick and Lafayette makes good on its promise of providing resources for the program, this could be a sneaky smart hire.

Good luck, stud.

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