2012 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Quarterfinals Open Thread: Colgate at Duke (3)

Apr 1, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Duke Blue Devils long stick midfielder CJ Costabile (9) during the second quarter against the Syracuse Orange at the Big City Classic at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim O'Connor-US PRESSWIRE

It's the last one before Championship Weekend, people. We've come really far together; I feel like this relationship really has legs. What do you think about moving in together? It's just a thought. Let me know.

Colgate-Duke has all the makings of what could be and offensive firebox of heat and pain, but what's exciting about the whole thing is that it's happening in a setting that just makes your brain melt:

Outside of having these games in my backyard, the NCAA really couldn't have picked a better setting for a lacrosse war. Congratulations on battlefield selection, accepted athletic monopoly; you done good.

Here are a couple of things to keep an eye on today:

  • While the offenses have gotten all the ink this week, these are two pretty decent defenses that Mike Murphy and John Danowski are rolling out on to the field. Bobby Lawrence and Mike Manley are strong All Americans that can really cause havoc in the defensive end. The question for today is whether the Devils or Raiders can get strong play out of their keepers. Dan Wigrizer is a known quantity, but Murphy is playing with some wild cards -- does he roll with Jared Madison (who has had trouble ball stopping all season) or does he go with Conor Murphy who had a decent performance against Massachusetts last weekend? I'm glad my hardest decision today is whether I sit on the couch or in a chair.
  • Duke has played somewhat loose with the bean this year (although their turnover rate isn't exactly mediocre), and Colgate has done a pretty nice job at creating turnovers. If the Raiders can squash some defensive possessions before allowing their goalie to be exposed, that'd go a long way toward getting to Gillette Stadium next weekend.
  • If the Devils continue taking a rash of penalties, playing man-down as much as anyone in the country, Colgate has all the tools necessary to stay in the game (if not build out a lead). The Raiders' man-up approach is as good as any in the country and they aren't afraid to crush skulls with it.

Anyway, here's how the game shakes out on the Fun Factor scale:

Colgate Duke 2:30 4,9470 2

This is your open thread for the game. Did someone say that they want kielbasa? Capital idea!

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