Read This Website or Die of Death: College Lacrosse Schedule for March 21, 2012


It's a fact: Nobody that has read College Crosse this year has died; people who haven't read College Crosse this season have died. (I think.) This is solid medical research. So, if you want to live forever and not die, I'd suggest reading College Crosse every second of the day, even if there isn't new material or it threatens you job security.

Your health, of course, is the most important thing.

It's another six-pack of hot and sexy lacrosse action around the country today and tonight. With the exception of Providence-Syracuse, it's all interconference, which is barely legal in late-March. Here's your highlights for tonight:

  • Notre Dame at Ohio State: The Buckeyes looked like they were going to chop off Virginia's legs with a band saw on Saturday, and then the Cavaliers woke up and decided that a stump where its leg used to be was a bad idea. The Irish are coming off another "Sean Rogers to the Rescue!" game against Denver last Sunday, slowly getting a little offense to add to its defensive force. Logan Schuss will have his work cut out for him against Notre Dame's defense, but it should be a decent enough affair to keep tabs on while at trivia at the local pub tonight.
  • Georgetown at Loyola: The Greyhounds are undefeated and looking a lot like the powerhouse 1999 Loyola team that fell to Syracuse at Princeton in the NCAA Tournament quarterfinals. Georgetown is the softest 4-1 since Yale's unbeaten start to the 2011 season. The Hoyas have a nice set of weaponry with Brian Casey, Jason McFadden, Zack Angel, and Travis Comeau, but the Greyhounds run deep with Mike Sawyer, Eric Lusby, Davis Butts, and Sean O'Sullivan. This will be a test for Loyola tonight, but it's not anything that they shouldn't be able to handle.

Here's the rest of the docket for the afternoon and evening:

MARCH 21, 2012
Hartford Sacred Heart 3:00 4.5885 2
Notre Dame Ohio State 4:00 3.6999 4
Dartmouth North Carolina 4:00 4.2731 3
Providence Syracuse 7:00 2.7450 5
Georgetown Loyola 7:00 5.2553 1
Mercer Towson 7:00 1.5326 6

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: Is this site hot and sexy or sexy and hot?) in the comments below.

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