Seven Stories and One Set of Beats: March 1, 2012

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Glory Days: Eight Historical Questions for 2012
Question: Will Virginia win back-to-back National Championships? Questionable.

UnCensered: Is The Game Slow and Is Parity Real?
It's not even March, and we're already going through the annual early-season rituals. A couple upsets and close scores already have everyone screaming parity.

Good Rules And New Field Lines: Are They Better Than A Shot Clock?
[I]s the shot clock the only answer to the issue of slow-down or low-scoring lacrosse (the two are not always the same)? Or is there another, simpler solution out there?

Syracuse lacrosse team is likely to stick with goalie rotation Sunday at No. 1 Virginia
Coach John Desko says each is playing well enough for him to probably stick with the system he used in the first two games.

Men's lacrosse learns to share offensive wealth
The Terrapins men’s lacrosse team lost 17 seniors from a group that reached the national title game last May, so entering this season, holes were aplenty.

Raw talent: In 6 seasons, Lecky goes from beginner to lacrosse standout
Hakeem Lecky figured he would give it a try. 
 The high school freshman hadn’t perfected passing and catching with a lacrosse stick and cradling was a whole other challenge, but he started tossing the ball around for fun after school with his friends. Each drop slowed the game down, so with every catch, he focused on keeping it in the head of the stick and returning a crisp pass to maintain the game. 

With Talented Schreiber Triggering Offensive Surge; Tiger Men’s Lacrosse Beats Hofstra 12-6 in Opener
Last spring, Tom Schreiber became the first freshman to lead the Princeton University men’ lacrosse team in both goals and assists. But while Schreiber earned Ivy League Rookie of the Year honors for his production as he scored 29 points on 16 goals and 13 assists, he didn’t get a lot of help as the Tigers stumbled to a 4-8 record.

Today's beats: One of the re-formed Ben Folds Five's newest -- "Stumblin' Home Winter Blues" off of, for the moment, The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective.

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