Acrosse the Lacrosse Polls: January 30, 2012

Virginia is your preseason number one in both the coaches and media polls. This, and other important news, can be found in the many pages of "Duh" magazine.

These pieces are usually more substantial, but as we're technically in Week Zero, it's really hard to make internal combustion when you're just holding a can of gasoline and a bucket of screws. So, you get what you get at this point.

We're a little late on this, but whatever. My head has been clogged with a super alien death cold for about a week and a half and I'm just coming back to consciousness. Winter is a fickle, screeching, angry wench.

Anyway, the preseason coaches and media polls are out. You can easily peruse them over on the left sidebar of this computer Internet site. Virginia is the unanimous number one in the eyes of the folks that wear whistles and yell at people for a living; the Cavaliers also held down the top spot in the poll consisting of people that think that polos are black-tie appropriate, although they did spread out their first-place votes a little bit.

Here's a short poll aggregation. I've listed the teams comprising the top-10 in either poll and averaged out their position. Standard deviations isn't going to show us a hell of a lot at this point, and I'm fairly sure that the readership of this site just went, "Standard what'shetalkingabout?!?" when they started this sentence.

Virginia 1 1 1.00
Johns Hopkins 2 3 2.50
Duke 4 2 3.00
Cornell 3 4 3.50
Denver 5 5 5.00
North Carolina 6 6 6.00
Syracuse 8 7 7.50
Maryland 7 8 7.50
Notre Dame 9 9 9.00
Villanova 10 10 10.00

So, what did we learn here? Well, not a hell of a lot. There isn't too much deviation between both of the polls, and that's primarily because nobody has wielded a boom stick on the lacrosse field in anything that has resembled a game of consequence yet. But, they're fun for arguments at the bar, so tip a pint and scream why Duke is an undeserved number two in the eyes of the scribes.

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