Nicky Galasso Transfer Update: Official Things are Officially Happening

Grant Halverson - Getty Images

The Galasso-to-Syracuse chatter is the loudest (and only) chatter right now.

Alright, let's get everything up to speed around these parts. (Keeping up with the StoryStream will get you squared away with anything you may have missed thus far.)

The last time we talked -- and we should talk more often; I miss the sound of your voice (or, as it were, the sound of your keyboard keystrokes) -- Galasso was telling Lacrosse Magazine that he was looking for a place relatively close to home and that he wanted to end up at a school where he could "make an impact." Then, The Post-Standard's Donnie Webb dropped a note that Syracuse and Galasso were in contact and having a talk over scones and tea. Now? Now we start to get some details and stuff, college boy.

In a piece published today on Inside Lacrosse, the magazine is confirming the reports from The Post-Standard that Galasso and Syracuse are in a dialogue, but also provide a few other pieces of incredibly exciting and pants-splitting information:

If Galasso were to transfer to a school on North Carolina's 2013 slate, his release dictates he would have to sit out the 2013 season. Syracuse is not one of North Carolina's opponents for 2013.

Currently, according to ILreports from Syracuse's fall practices, Mike Daniello, a transfer from Johns Hopkins is a front-runner to run alongside returning starter Derek Maltz on attack. JoJo Marasco has run primarily at midfield this fall.

Note: Emphasis is mine.

So, that answers that question: If Galasso were to end up in Syracuse playing under the roof, he would not need to sit out the 2013 season due to Carolina's transfer restrictions. This clears up the issue about the Heels not yet officially releasing their schedule for next season and the associated impact on Galasso's decision. (For us, of course. I'm sure Galasso has seen the schedule. I am a selfish human animal. This is all about me, of course.)

Also interesting: A Daniello-Maltz-Galasso close attack may be just what John Desko is looking for to try and stabilize their offensive issues entering 2013, especially if Daniello is getting comfortable in his new digs. The Post-Standard was a little broader in its assessment of Syracuse's attack in a recent piece, but it doesn't mitigate the fact that a Galasso-Maltz core in-close could do a lot of damage for a unit that is looking for some consistency. Plus, some foundational rocks down low could really help (simply by existing) the team's midfield, allowing it to sort itself out without needing to overproduce (or try to overproduce).

Then there's the issue of not getting ahead of this situation, as The Post-Standard cautions:


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