Lacrosse "Fun Factors": May 7, 2011


Yesterday was fun, what with me getting the ECAC Tournament pairings totally wrong.  I'm not really sure how that happened, although there is a better than average chance that Miller High Life had its hand in the cause.

Anyway, it's kind of an important weekend around the country.  Denver will look to punch an automatic invitation to the NCAA Tournament in the ECAC finals against Fairfield on Saturday.  The game will be broadcast nationally on ESPNU.  I'm pretty sure that station is only available on television, so don't bother checking your phonograph for the game.

Elsewhere, Stony Brook -- the dominant force in the America East Conference for the last two seasons -- hosts Hartford with the league's automatic bid on the line.  CBS College Sports has the game and, for most of the country, will carry it in depressing standard definition. There is a growing feeling that the Seawolves will need to win the league in order to star in the show of shows. I'm a little more bullish on Stony Brook, but that, unfortunately, isn't part of the selection committee criteria. 

Finally, either Delaware or Massachusetts will end up marching through May despite the fact that both  were probably outside the tournament field entering the THUNDERDOME! playoffs.  I have a hunch that the Minutemen are going to take this thing, which means that you should put your entire 401(k) on Delaware to win going away.

Outside of the conference tournament finals, there's some other great stuff happening as well:

  • Colgate-Maryland: The Raiders are looking for one last bullet point on their resume.  Taking down the Terps at Byrd would be double-plus good, but highly unlikely.
  • Georgetown-Villanova: I'd rather abort my child than send him to Georgetown.
  • The Ivy League final is on Sunday, so it's not included here (mostly due to the fact that the semifinals haven't been played yet).  If it were to be included and the higher seeds prevailed, Pennsylvania-Cornell would be the weekend "Fun Factor" headliner with a 5.3257 rating.
  • The MAAC final is also Sunday, but its impossible to calculate a "Fun Factor" for nap time.

Here's the fun-down:


1. May 7 1:00 Denver Fairfield 4.6959
2. May 7 3:00 Stony Brook Hartford 4.6169
3. May 7 3:00 Maryland Colgate 4.4896
4. May 7 7:00 Georgetown Villanova 4.1832
5. May 7 1:00 Syracuse St. John's 4.0084
6. May 7 7:00 Delaware Massachusetts 2.7659
7. May 7 1:00 Rutgers Providence 0.7881

What are your feelings on the games this weekend?  Leave 'em in the comments below.

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