2011 NCAA Lacrosee Open Thread: Maryland at (1) Syracuse

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You guys!

Up the east coast we go, boys and girls, from Hofstra University to the bleak nothingness that is Foxborough, Massachusetts. It's a double-dip hosted by Gillette Stadium and two of the giants in college lacrosse -- Maryland and Syracuse -- kick off the day's action.

Last weekend, unseeded Maryland went into Chapel Hill and straight-up murdered North Carolinaon the Tarheels' home field.  Syracuse, after a slow start, eventually put Siena away in the Carrier Dome.

This one should be a beauty and the opening draw is scheduled for noon. ESPNU has your television coverage.

Here's a quick comparison table for the game:

Fun Factor 5.91 (10th) 6.11 (8th)
Pace 61.14 (51st) 69.99 (22nd)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency 32.17 (11th) 31.30 (15th)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency 24.85 (10th) 20.21 (1st)
Adjusted Efficiency Margin 7.32 (8th) 11.08 (3rd)
For the record, this game rates as a 6.0112 on the "Fun Factor" scale, the fourth-best rating of the weekend.  A big reason for that is that each of these teams are rolling out some studs:

R. Young Maryland 3.75 4.74 8.50 (41st)
G. Catalino Maryland 4.94 1.78 6.72 (99th)
O. Blye Maryland 3.36 2.37 5.73 (140th)
J. Cummings Maryland 4.84 0.59 5.53 (149th)
J. Haus Maryland 2.75 2.37 4.94 (177th)
S. Keogh Syracuse 5.56 1.35 6.90 (96th)
J. Marasco Syracuse 3.70 2.86 6.57 (106th)
T. Palasek Syracuse 2.86 3.03 5.89 (132nd)
J. Amidon Syracuse 2.69 2.02 4.71 (187th)
J. Thompson Syracuse 2.69 2.02 4.71 (187th)

O/R = Offensive rating (goals per 100 offensive possessions).
A/R = Assist Rate (assists per 100 offensive possessions).
T.O.V. = Total Offensive Value (points per 100 offensive possessions).

Brian is live from Foxborough today and will have some comments on the game.  Your comments are valuable as well, so leave all of those beautiful bon mots in the handy dandy commenting device.


Profile: Maryland Terrapins
Profile: Syracuse Orange  
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