Lacrosse Fun Factors: April 16 and 17, 2011

Virignia-Duke sets the table for next week's ACC Tournament. via

Go time!

You have a couple of options this weekend:

  1. You can still down and hash out your tax return (it's due Monday, genius), fudging income and deductions until it looks like you either earned money like Steve Forbes or failed to earn any cash like a common train car hobo; or
  2. You can watch and follow 30 (!) lacrosse games and make your accountant take care of all your business on Monday.

I'm opting for the latter, bros and broettes.

While the table below highlights the most enjoyable games of the weekend -- competitive teams that play pretty quick and roll with deadly offenses -- there's all kinds of hot, sweaty action happening elsewhere:

  • Fairfield-Hofstra: 4.2468 (6th).  Jay Card and Jamie Lincoln look to solve one of the staunchest defenses not only in the ECAC, but in the country (the Stags are ninth in adjusted defensive efficiency at 23.24 goals per 100 defensive possessions).  A Fairfield win keeps the Stags' NCAA aspirations afloat for another week.
  • Wagner-Robert Morris: 2.3064 (25th).  You know how this story goes: The Seahawks continue their quest for "Reverse Survivor" and Wagner Cup glory.
  • Loyola-Georgetown: 3.5855 (12th).  The Hoyas are on the precipice of watching another season pass without getting to the tournament.  At 5-5 with four games remaining, they need to get a victory or two against the 'Hounds, Villanova, or Yale.  It's not looking good for ol' Urick.
  • Pennsylvania-Harvard: 3.9623 (7th).  The Quakers have been significantly worse on the road in the Ivy League than they've been at home.  Harvard has been consistently above-the-fold whether they're in Cambridge or elsewhere.  There are huge implications here for Ivy seeding in the middle of the league.
  • Hartford-Vermont: 2.7272 (18th).  The Hawks and Catamounts are both a game back of Stony Brook in the America East.  The league isn't getting two NCAA bids, so seeding for the tournament is paramount. This game should help shape that picture.

Let's rank 'em for the weekend:


1. APRIL 16 11:00 Virginia Duke 7.4116
2. APRIL 16 3:00 Ohio State Denver 6.3914
3. APRIL 16 8:00 Johns Hopkins Maryland 6.0961
4. APRIL 16 1:00 Drexel Massachusetts 4.4868
5. APRIL 16 2:00 Army Navy 4.4551
31. APRIL 16 5:00 Mercer Holy Cross 0.0576

What's your feeling on the games this weekend?  Looking forward to anything else?  Leave 'em in the comments below.

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